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About Rosemarie

Born and raised in Bushwick, Rosemarie is the daughter of immigrants and currently serves as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Kings County. A proud Brooklynite, Rosemarie and her husband Craig live just blocks away from where they grew up.

Through much of her childhood and while at college, and even law school, Rosemarie helped to run her father's deli. It was during this time that she witnessed first-hand how vulnerable members of the community like her father — a financially struggling non-English speaking immigrant facing foreclosure — were taken advantage of by predatory lenders and banks. And on top of that, how little the city and our justice system did to help them.


Watching her parents almost lose their home and business to predatory lenders and their struggle navigating the city's justice system without proper representation inspired Rosemarie to become a lawyer and eventually a judge. Protecting the community and vulnerable individuals, like her parents, from being taken advantage of and holding those in power accountable has been Rosemarie's passion throughout her entire legal career.





Experience Brooklyn Can Count On

30 years of legal experience

  • Kings County Supreme Court Justice
    2020 - Present

  • NYC Civil Court Judge - Kings County
    2015 - 2019

  • Principal Law Clerk - Supreme Court Justice
    2004 - 2014

  • Civil Court Attorney
    1999 - 2003



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Equal Justice

For Brooklyn

"If our justice system can't protect our most vulnerable individuals and communities, while also holding those in power accountable — then it has failed."

 -Judge Rosemarie Montalbano

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